Welcome to the Foundation Stage


The Spring Term sees Foundation welcome our new Part Time children and their families. Our Full Time children are very excited about helping you settle in and build new friendships. Miss Gray and I very much look forward to seeing you grow as you begin your Learning Journey. What will you achieve this year?

This Half Term will be packed with learning, Foundation Stage will become detectives and explore a range of animals and plants to deepen their investigative skills looking at similarities and differences in the various life cycles and the world around them.

This will be supported through two beautiful and fun pieces of literature The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.

In addition, our Early Years environment is designed to be adapted according to the interests of the children providing spontaneous learning opportunities adhering to the core principles.

We also look forward to joining in the many wonderful whole school and after school events that have been planned for this Term and Foundation Stage Full Time children are very much looking forward to our upcoming trip to Jordan Castle Farm.

Please bring named Swimming Kit every Monday (Full Time children only)

Please bring named P.E. kit every Monday to take home Friday.

Thank you,

Miss S. Walsh Foundation Class Teacher

Miss V. Gray Teaching Assistant 




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