Welcome to the Foundation


A super start to the New Year as we offer a warm welcome to the new children and their families to our school. We know this will be the start of a great partnership as we all work together.

Already our new pupils have worked very hard to make new friends and are learning the Class room routines.

School Council, Eco Representatives and Sports Representatives have been elected by the Class. They   already they have had many ideas to take to the Whole school Meetings including planning Charity events   which encourage everyone to care for people in and beyond the School.

Our Topics this Term will include Stories with familiar settings, Nursery Rhymes, Traditional Stories, Stories from the Bible, Keeping Safe, Understanding Values and Customs and Places around the World e.g. Chinese New Year

Our Counting   Skills and Phonics programmes have got off to a great start with children enjoying their learning in the indoor and outdoor classroom.

Remember to borrow a Reading book from the large selection in the entrance porch to share at home with your child ( if possible try to share a book every day …it really makes an impact) just sign and date the slip in the cover then return so someone else can borrow them. Books without words are a valuable resource to share as you and your child can imagine a new story each time you work together as you look for the picture clues developing   understanding and vocabulary.

Each child has been issued with a book containing the resources we use in Class e.g. 100 square, phonics, Tricky words, alphabet etc. Keep this at home and refer to it  throughout the year.

Please bring named P.E. kit on Monday to take home Friday.

This term will be packed with learning as the children continue their Learning Journey at Kneesall C. of E. Primary School .In addition we are looking forward to joining in the many wonderful whole school and after school events that have been planned for this Term.

Thank you,

Mrs .Hutson/ Class Teacher

Ms Nichol Nursery Nurse

Ms Sophie Walsh Student Teacher


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