The children will bring home a reading book in their book folder, along with a reading record. The reading record is used to record the books that your child has read. Inside each book are ‘tips’ or ‘suggestions’ of some questions you may want to ask and discuss with your child, to support their reading comprehension. Please write any comments you have in their reading diary. We will aim to read with your children as much as possible during school time and progress them through the books, however should you feel your child is ready to change his/her book, please pop in to Class One in the morning to help them change it.

Each Friday, children will be sent home with a list of ten spellings that they will be tested on the following Friday. The spellings will include some sounds or spelling rules that children will have, or will be about to learn about as part of their phonics or spelling lessons in class. The spellings will also include some common exception words.

Finally at the end of each half term, children will receive a letter about a 'project' that they can complete over the holiday, that will give them a sneak peak at the new approaching topic. The projects will likely be research based or arts and crafts and are intended to be fun activities to encourage curiosity about the following half term.


 Year 1 Summer term spellings

  Year 2 Summer term spellings



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