Class 3 Curriculum Newsletter Autumn Term 2019

Welcome to an extremely busy term in Class 3. We have some fantastic and enjoyable activities planned to enable us to make outstanding progress along our learning journey.

Our topic this term is ‘Ancient Greece’. We will be studying the life and achievements of the Ancient Greek civilisation, and their influences on the western world. We will be studying: the ways of governing in the different city states, the Gods and Goddesses, soldiers and battle and the geographical positioning of Greece and its effect on their way of life and trade links. Art, D & T and music will be taught through our very creative topic.

In English, we will be working on a range of genres: exploring Greek myths (developing our narrative skills), writing recounts and studying poetry.

In addition to writing, literacy will also encompass a focus on reading skills, and will be taught through guided reading, reading comprehension, spellings, grammar and punctuation. Your continued support in helping children learn spellings is much valued, thank you.

The theme in science is: ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’. We will be looking at and comparing every day materials based on their properties. Using a variety of methods, the children will be questioning, planning and testing to discover how materials change and the reasons for this.

During this term, Class 3 will have P.E on Wednesday.


Make sure that you bring plenty of layers to cope with whatever the weather throws at us.

French lessons will focus on building on our conversation skills through the topic of ‘Holidays’.

At the beginning of the term in RE, we will­­­­­­­­­­­­­ study the ‘Kingdom of God’. As the term goes on, we will be covering ‘Creation’, Harvest and Christmas.

Computing will be looking at how to use technology safely and responsibly, using search engines to research and communicating and collaborating. The I pads will also be used to enhance their learning. A great motivational tool!

Maths lessons will follow the National Curriculum: place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurements and geometry and statistics. There will be an emphasis on problem solving skills, mental maths and a secure grasp of times tables. The children are expected to have a secure grasp and rapid recall of the times tables up to 12 x 12. It is absolutely essential that they practise them regularly…….in the car, in the bath!!!!!


Homework will be set to enhance and consolidate children’s learning. This will be given out on Wednesday and must be returned by the following Monday. If the children have any problems, please encourage them to come and speak to an adult as soon as possible. I run ‘homework clinics’ some afternoon break times to address any problems.

We encourage the children to adopt a love of reading across a wide range of text types. In addition to texts read in guided reading and English, children will have a reading book which they should read at home, and record in their school planner. Please support children in their reading at home (which, in addition to books, can include comics, e-books, magazines, newspapers, leaflets etc.) Please can children aim to read at least 3 times a week at home and have their planner signed by an adult. This will have huge impact on children’s progress, both in reading and writing.

As you know, spellings will be tested, and new spellings set, each Monday. Not only should children learn the spelling of the word, but discuss the meaning with an adult. Your support in this is greatly appreciated.

On Monday, the children will need to bring in an adventurous word, to place on our word of the week board, in order to help them to improve their vocabulary.

Many thanks for your support.

Mrs Hodgkinson



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