During this Term we will be discovering about our Local area… who knows maybe Robin Hood may make an appearance! In addition we will be developing our Story bank with an array of books that will include   Dragons, Animals, Journeys, The Seaside… with the odd Pirate! , Information books for Plants and Poetry etc. all of which will be explored through all the Early Learning Goals using our indoor and outdoor areas.

The Early Years environment is designed to be adapted according to the interests of the children allowing spontaneous learning opportunities whilst adhering to the core principles.

Daily Phonics is developed based on The Jolly Phonics programme and Letters and Sounds. The children learn how to say the sound, recognise and write the written symbol .The sequence in which the Letter Sounds are introduced promotes success for reading/writing simple words. Words that cannot be ‘sounded out’ are called Common exception words and these are also taught e.g. I, the, he, she etc.

Daily Counting is developed alongside Time, Shape, Weight, Length, and Capacity.

All this work is developed following Teacher input in numerous, varied activities through Play within the Creative Curriculum which simultaneously gives opportunities to develop Social skills.

READING BOOKS: Following Parent feedback last year we developed a new Home/School Reading book system. Parents can select a book /books from the selection in the Cloakroom to share with their child. This offers more flexibility for you to choose books through the week. The books are a mix of Phonic based books( currently in blue cardboard containers )moving through from Lilac, Pale pink ,Bright Pink with other colours introduced through the year .In addition we have a selection of Bif & Chip Oxford Reading Tree books moving through Grey, Green, Blue, Red.

We ask that when you borrow a book you write your child’s name/date in the cover on the insert provided then return (if a book has ‘escaped ‘having an insert in let us know as we have a spare supply!

Some books do not have words please do not be put off by this as this gives the opportunity for your child to describe in detail what is happening ,the setting ,the characters etc. using and extending their vocabulary.

Recommended Full Time Foundation Tea Time Homework Tasks

• Say all letter sounds (in book issued Sept.2016) at least twice a week. Develop by pointing to letter sounds out of sequence/asking what is the initial sound of a word e.g. b a t =b

• Using 100 square from the book or elsewhere count numbers 1-20.Children to point to the number and track left to right. Develop by asking child to point to different numbers/what would the next number or number be before.

• Read/share book daily - even if it is the same book. Develop by pointing to different words/asking the child who is the character/how do they feel?/what time of day is it? Where is it? Etc. • Mark making/writing: dictate letter sounds .Develop by dictating simple words for a list.

• Physical Development: handling scissors…cutting straight, curved lines. Drawing straight lines horizontal/vertical. Jumping a suggested number of times/run to specific spots to develop change of direction and stopping

• Expressive Arts & Design: Design a farm/shop/garage etc. develop by labelling

• Understanding the World: Discuss changes in the weather and why we wear different clothes.

Enjoy working with your child.

Erica Hutson


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