Governors Role and Committees

What do Governors do?

“The Governing body is effective because governors are well trained and have a good grasp of the strengths and weaknesses of the school, including comparisons with other schools, and how well different groups of pupils achieve.” OFSTED 2013

Governors are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the school’s performance. To do this they visit school regularly, attend meetings and review policies and other school documents. They also support the HeadTeacher by acting as a critical friend and have a role in recruiting new staff, complaint handling and the HeadTeacher’s Performance Management.  At Kneesall, all Governors regularly undertake specific training to improve their knowledge and skills.

The Governing Body has responsibility for:

  • content of the curriculum
  • deciding the aims and the curriculum policy of the school
  • the care, health & safety of the children
  • ensuring good maintenance of the school building and grounds
  • allocating the school budget

Who are the Governors?

Kneesall’s Governing Body is made up of the HeadTeacher and volunteers drawn from parents, staff, Local Authority and the local community. Our Governors come from a wide range of backgrounds with a diverse range of skills and expertise.  Each Governor serves for a term of four years.

Governors meet once a term before full Governing Body Meetings, but also termly in 2 committees.

Pupils and Strategy Committee (P&S)

The P&S monitors curriculum policy and scrutinises school attainment data.  The committee monitors and evaluates pupil welfare, including Child Protection and SEND and Pupil performance/progression.  The committee also contributes to school improvement planning and reviews the progress of annually-set priorities.

Current members of the P&S are: Philip Hyde-Barker, Sue Ilett-Coupe, Alison Barber, Erica Hutson, Wendy Leighton, Nicola Mills, Cory Mcfarlane(Chair) and Adam Whitchurch.

Finance and Personnel Committee (F&P)

The F&P sets, manages and reviews the School Budget. The committee monitors and evaluates financial procedures in line with current guidelines and best practice.  It also has an overview of the school’s health and safety priorities, the school fund and the school inventory. This committee has also carried out the project management of building/maintenance works around the school.  This committee monitors and evaluates pupil staff welfare.  It reviews pay and conditions as well as Performance Management policy.  P&P ensures that all personnel matters follow best practice and are in line with UK / European law.

Current members of F & P are: Paul Mitchell (Chair), Sue Ilett-Coupe, Richard Taylor, Jill Hoyland, David Roberts and Adam Whitchurch.

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Mrs-S-Ilett-Coupe-Head-TeacherWelcome to Kneesall Church of England Primary School! We are a small, rural Church school where every pupil knows how valued they are and all are encouraged to reach their full potential. We provide a secure, yet stimulating learning environment that enables pupils to be inspired and enthused. Our staff lead by example and our Christian ethos is evident in everything we do. We encourage our pupils to care for each other, for their community and for the world in which they live. Their spiritual, moral, cultural and social development is as important to us as their academic attainment.

Kneesall School has served our village for more than 150 years and is an important part of our local community, as well as the wider community. We take an active part in village life through our strong links with our church and the local villages.

Our beautiful school grounds provide plenty of opportunities for environmental studies, structured playtimes, development of expressive arts and areas for reflection. The outdoor equipment and playing field are a real asset to school and pupils are encouraged to develop their physical abilities.

We provide a rich and meaningful curriculum which sets out to educate the ‘whole’ child and creates opportunities for each and every one to experience success.

We know how important it is to have strong links between home and school in order for good learning partnerships to be forged and we greatly value these partnerships.

We would love you to come and visit us so that you can find out more about our school, our values and the special place that is Kneesall C of E Primary School.  All of our information is on the website but if you would prefer paper copies they are available from the Office.