Class 1 Drama Day

This half term we were lucky enough to be able to kick-start our Great Fire of London learning with a visit from a drama company. We had a wonderful and busy day! First of all we time traveled back to 1666 with a woman called Daisy, who was a maid at Thomas Farriner's bakery! When we arrived in the past, we met a curious man called Samuel Pepys. He was a diarist! But all of a sudden a fire broke out! We made a quick escape back into the future and they both came with us! We had lots of fun. Samuel and Daisy showed us how people would have made fire chains to put the fire out. We had a go at one, but it was hard work and we all got very tired. However we had enough energy left over to do some square dancing! We were very talented at this! We were able to get dressed up in some clothes like the ones the poor people from North London would have worn in 1666. It was a fun packed morning! It got even more exciting in the afternoon, when poor Miss Bennett caught the Plague! A plague doctor had to come and try some of his magical and strange treatments. Thankfully Miss Bennett got much better quickly and we were able to end the day by creating our own Great Fire of London story, which we all had a part in! We had lots of fun and learned SO much!

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