Sue Coupe , the Chair of School Council , Jack Hoyland and Vice-Chair Florence Smith attended the Licesnsing of The Reverend Zoe Burton as Priest in Charge of the Benefice of Kneesall with Laxton and Wellow, Egmanton, Kirton, Walesby, Bilsthorpe & Eakring - by the Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham the Right Reverent Paul Williams and installation by the Archdeacon of Newark the Venerable David Picken.  Tuesday 13th February 2018 at the Parish Church of St Andrew's Eakring.  

Class 2 experienced an Ancient Egyptian Day on Monday. What a fabulous day and a great start to our Ancient Egypt topic! The class became mummies, wrote in hieroglyphics, solved Egyptian maths, and handled Egyptian artefacts, some which were 5000 years old. The class were able to ask Mr Egypt lots of questions as he is a real Egyptologist and archaeologist who lives in Egypt!


Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Roman artefacts within the museum and were very enthused to wear sandals to walk across the Roman mosaic floor to explore the domestic pottery, jewellery and sculptures. The staff were so impressed with the children's enthusiasm and knowledge as we took part in a Life of a Roman Soldier workshop. Here,  we tried on Roman armour, created Roman  battle formations, played Roman games and explored Roman weapons. It was a fabulous experience to help bring our topic to life!


Class 2 and 3 also enjoyed a forensic science workshop, to explore evidence to determine who the human skeleton was likely to have been. Children examined a real skeleton found in York and first determined if it was a male or female skeleton. We then examined artefacts found with the skeleton, threads of materials and food items to determine who the skeleton was. Children looked very smart in their lab coats, and were impressive in their deduction skills to come to a conclusion! We were correct!


Class 3 also enjoyed taking part in a Greek workshop where we learnt about their everyday lifestyles. The children talked to a retired Ancient Greek Olympian, called Nykos, asked some very intelligent questions and shared their amazing knowledge. Brimming with enthusiasm, they designed their own temples, dressed up as Athenians, performed part of a myth, helped to weave a peplos, sent out an invitation to Class 3’s new Greek city and challenged each other to a Greek style long jump.
A superb experience!


Class One have been focusing on Science this week, we have been experimenting with materials! We decided which materials would be best to use for a toy boat and investigated which materials float and sink. We also predicted every day objects inside a bag by describing the materials we could feel! We were really good at that!
In English, we have been learning the story of the Three Little Pigs and have been learning actions to help us retell the story. We also made a musical version of the story, using instruments to create sound effects.

 IMG 02911

In Foundation Class we continue to develop number knowledge through stories using 'Ten in bed' in the Outdoor Environment Role Play. The children enjoyed investigating their image with the mirrors developing their observations to draw a self portrait.

Gardening Club

Gardening club have been busy tidying up our class gardens, and replanting new bulbs and flowers. We had fun learning about what plants need to grow and discussing the different parts of plants.

We are enjoying learning about the Romans, and we are lucky as we have a replica Roman centurion helmet to try on.

It is very heavy, the Roman soldiers must have been very tired! Year 3 are learning to add using the column method, it's great fun exchanging digits.

In science, we wondered which foods do snails prefer. We set up an enquiry to see if they preferred cherries, chocolate, pasta or carrots. Overnight, they ate 10g of cherries, which was their favourite.

In science, Class 3 have been testing materials to see which material will make the best thermal insulator to keep Mrs Hodgkinson’s tea warm the longest.

We set up a fair test and measured the temperature at regular intervals.

IMG 2700

We were thrilled to welcome Image Musical Theatre to our school.

Their adaptation of 'The Selfish Giant' was wonderful.  Children from our setting and our Partnership Schools were enthralled as we were taken on an imaginary journey brought to life by the highly skilled performers.

A Workshop prior to the play was led efficiently enabling the children to take an active role in the performance.

The Actors were highly skilled at delivering their craft and compassionate in how they interacted, responded and encouraged the children.

WONDERFUL people and a wonderful experience which the children have been referring to ever since.

We look forward to their return.

selfish giant 2

The New School Council has been elected by the children represent them in this academic Year.  The School Council is made up of
children from every year in the School and will represent the whole School. 

This group plays an important role in giving the children a voice about certain issues and they are all wearing their badges with pride!

school council

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