Gardening Club

Gardening club have been busy tidying up our class gardens, and replanting new bulbs and flowers. We had fun learning about what plants need to grow and discussing the different parts of plants.

We are enjoying learning about the Romans, and we are lucky as we have a replica Roman centurion helmet to try on.

It is very heavy, the Roman soldiers must have been very tired! Year 3 are learning to add using the column method, it's great fun exchanging digits.

In science, we wondered which foods do snails prefer. We set up an enquiry to see if they preferred cherries, chocolate, pasta or carrots. Overnight, they ate 10g of cherries, which was their favourite.

We were thrilled to welcome Image Musical Theatre to our school.

Their adaptation of 'The Selfish Giant' was wonderful.  Children from our setting and our Partnership Schools were enthralled as we were taken on an imaginary journey brought to life by the highly skilled performers.

A Workshop prior to the play was led efficiently enabling the children to take an active role in the performance.

The Actors were highly skilled at delivering their craft and compassionate in how they interacted, responded and encouraged the children.

WONDERFUL people and a wonderful experience which the children have been referring to ever since.

We look forward to their return.

selfish giant 2

Class 2 - Time travelling

Class 2 thoroughly enjoyed their special day as a time travelling pilgrim at the Southwell Minster. We viewed the beautiful copes worn by the clergy and made prayer beads to support our own prayers. We learned about the ornate windows and searched for gargoyles and carvings in the Chapter House. What a great day!

Fire Brigade visit

Class 1 were able to show off all we had learned about the Great Fire of London when we had a visit from the local fire service. They were very impressed with all the facts that we knew about fire fighting in 1666. We also learned lots about fire fighting today, including the importance of checking out fire alarms as well as learning to 'stop, drop and roll!' Later we all got to sit in the fire engine, then we all had a go squirting water from their fire engine's hose! This has been a fun packed topic so far!

Class 1 Drama Day

This half term we were lucky enough to be able to kick-start our Great Fire of London learning with a visit from a drama company. We had a wonderful and busy day! First of all we time traveled back to 1666 with a woman called Daisy, who was a maid at Thomas Farriner's bakery! When we arrived in the past, we met a curious man called Samuel Pepys. He was a diarist! But all of a sudden a fire broke out! We made a quick escape back into the future and they both came with us! We had lots of fun. Samuel and Daisy showed us how people would have made fire chains to put the fire out. We had a go at one, but it was hard work and we all got very tired. However we had enough energy left over to do some square dancing! We were very talented at this! We were able to get dressed up in some clothes like the ones the poor people from North London would have worn in 1666. It was a fun packed morning! It got even more exciting in the afternoon, when poor Miss Bennett caught the Plague! A plague doctor had to come and try some of his magical and strange treatments. Thankfully Miss Bennett got much better quickly and we were able to end the day by creating our own Great Fire of London story, which we all had a part in! We had lots of fun and learned SO much!

Class 1 Gymnastics

Class 1 took part in a Gymnastics Festival on Wednesday 15th March at Retford Gymnastics Club. The children thoroughly enjoyed the morning and did various activities including balancing beams, trampettes and floor work. It was an exciting but tiring day!

Cresswell Craggs

On Wednesday 19th October, Class 2 visited Creswell Crags to experience Stone Age life. We explored the caves and considered how the Stone Age people lived. We were impressed with their survival skills, especially with the predators that were around at the same time! We also enjoyed the science workshop about rocks and the children were superb at predicting and testing hardness and permeability of various rocks. It was a very enjoyable day and the children, as ever, were enthusiastic to learn and share their knowledge gained over the half term.


Class 2 visited Brackenhust Outdoor Education Centre on Thursday 15th September. We had a great time working together to complete team challenges, demonstrating our great skills of co-operation. We thoroughly enjoyed completing the orienteering course within the beautiful grounds and The adults were very impressed with our map reading skills.


On Thursday 15th September Class 3 visited Perlethorpe for an orienteering and team building day, with our friends from 3 KANDO. We did a variety of activities throughout the day: den building in the forest, orienteering and lots of team building challenges. It was a fantastic experience and our cooperation and communication skills were exemplary, even the staff at Perlethorpe commented how impressed they were! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and it was also very entertaining for the staff!

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