Residential trip to Alnwick

Updates from the Class 3 Residential trip to Alnwick


All arrived at Richmond Castle and had lunch under a tree in the shade.  The bus was lovely and air-conditioned so had a good journey. Had a great time at the castle.

All enjoyed the treasure hunt and a good nights sleep.


A lovely day at Banburgh. Played games on the beach and visited Holy Island.  The weather has been good and everyone had a brilliant day.  Finished the day with dinner and evening activities.


Had a lovely day, the weather has been kind not to hot!
Been to the Beamish Museum all day and had a great time.  


Enjoyed hearty breakfasts and then set off to Alnwick.
Alnwick Castle was great fun.
Its party night so all had showers.  Everyone had so much fun the packing had to take second place.

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